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Island Heights, New Jersey
Summer 1999

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The Red House is no longer available!   Terrible news, indeed.  I am working on alternatives, such as another house in Island Heights, but am not optimistic.

Two blocks from the Wee House, Jennifer's family's summer house where Stephen, Elizabeth and family will be staying with David, Jennifer and family, is the Bed and Breakfast called The Studio of John Peto.  They don't have a web site but if you click the link above you will get all the information, including a map.  I have stayed there, Jennifer's family knows the owner and uses them for guests, and the rooms are air-conditioned.   There are no availabilities until Thursday, August 12.  But there are several openings from the 12th to the 15th, when we leave.  Ernest and Ina will be staying there.  Here are the basics:

The Studio of John Peto
102 Cedar Ave
Island Heights, NJ 08732
(732) 270-6058

There are also many hotels and motels in the general area, although not immediately in Island Heights.  Here are some lists:

Lodging around Island Heights, New Jersey

Then there is staying at the ocean, at either Seaside Heights (closer) or Seaside Park (slightly farther but Jennifer's recommendation and right next to the Island Beach State Park, a natural environment).   When you click on the links above you will see that many listings are Seaside Heights.  You should also look at Seaside Park.

Here are the closest motels I could find (note that the first 3 are extrmemely close):

Business Name Address City Phone Miles
Del's Motel  2015 Route 37 E  Toms River, NJ  (732) 929-1188  0.7   
Gilford Park Motel  2135 Route 37 E  Toms River, NJ  (732) 929-3333  0.7   
Shore Motel  2202 Route 37 E  Toms River, NJ  (732) 270-1600  0.8   
Pine Rest Motel  3226 Route 37 E  Toms River, NJ  (732) 270-0700  1.3   
Captain's Motor Lodge  3311 Route 37 E  Toms River, NJ  (732) 573-0202  1.4   
Pier One Restaurant & Motel  3430 Route 37 E  Toms River, NJ  (732) 270-0914  1.7   
Holiday Inn  290 Route 37 E  Toms River, NJ  (732) 244-4000  2.0  Reviews
Howard Johnson  955 Hooper Ave  Toms River, NJ  (732) 244-1000  2.7   
River Watch Inn  2 W Water St  Toms River, NJ  (732) 341-6700  3.0   


Please let me know if I can help in the search.  You can write me at

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28 May 2000
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I know the owner of John Petos B&B very well! I also know Joy's sister (Bee) very well! I love them both will all my heart! And you can't forget Yuri, the Sibarian Husky! When you get down there, please tell Joy that "little Jeanie" sends her love and will see her sometime this summer!

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