San Francisco


Los Angeles to San Francisco

October 1995


Before the Self Psychology conference began, I took a walk through the city with Maria and enjoyed views like this one.

Maria at Pier 39

Me with Alcatraz in background

These sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf have taken over the outer moorings. As a protected species, the boat owners were forced to move aside as the sea lions gradually moved in.

After the conference I flew to Los Angeles where Steve picked me up for a three day drive back up the coastal highway to San Francisco. Malibu beach seemed like a good place to find lunch.

Steve on Malibu Pier

A pelican and me

Just the pelican (and a gull)

Looking north from San Simeon, where we stayed our second night

Steve and San Simeon cliffs

Mountain spring water

Kelp beds

Looking for seals in the kelp

The coastal range

Coastal pines

Steve at Nepenthe, which was a great place for lunch (thanks Coby)

Monterey Bay: sea lions at the end of Monterey Pier

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